Business VoIP

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

At Proactive Tech, we provide a comprehensive VoIP solution for businesses located in the United States. Our service eliminates the need for costly additional phone and computer systems, making it a cost-efficient option for businesses of all sizes. With easy-to-use features, our system allows for quick and seamless communication between all levels of the organization, including administration, sales, support, and finance.

One of the key benefits of our VoIP service is that it is hosted locally in the Cloud. This ensures reliable and efficient monitoring, as well as providing flexibility for businesses to adapt to changing needs. Our IP phone lines are also connected directly to US-hosted systems, guaranteeing high-quality voice lines with no echo, delays, muffled voices, or dropouts.

At Proactive Tech Wiz, we offer comprehensive Managed Services for businesses looking to upgrade their communication systems. Our enterprise-grade phone system includes a wide range of features such as auto-attendants, call routing, transfers, custom greetings, after-hours, call queues, call-center capabilities, and CRM integration. Additionally, our system features a call flow designer, hot desking, and high-definition audio on all handsets.

Our solution also includes built-in conference calling capabilities, allowing for web conference dial-ins, easy web conferencing with screen share, remote assist, and recording. Additionally, our system ensures compliance and quality control through call recording transcription, search, start/stop features, group recordings, real-time statistics, and monitoring and reporting.

We also offer website integration options, including click-to-talk, click-to-meet, and website live chat and talk. Our system is compatible with a variety of devices, including desk handsets, laptop softphones, and mobile apps, ensuring high-quality calls and customer experiences from anywhere.

Our system is designed to be simple to manage, with advanced features made easy to customize for staff. Additionally, our system is quick to set up, with minimal user training required, and is cloud-managed, ensuring seamless updates. Lastly, we offer integration with Microsoft Teams, providing a fully-featured phone system with seamless integration into the world’s largest collaboration system, reducing costs and enabling an easy-to-manage solution.

Our Clients

Blue Rock Companies
Fairlight Medical Center
Sunrise Women's Clinic
B&B Builders
Richland County Housing Authority